Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bus Report #826

This morning's commute, uneventful and almost the same as yesterday's.

My favorite 38 Geary driver was working today, and it was nice to see him.

We got to Fillmore a moment after the 38L so there were already a few people waiting at my stop - the same construction guys as yesterday, as well as the creepy guy who was, once again, napping in the bus stop, his can of beer balanced beside him on the bench.

He stood up and tried talking to the construction workers, who ignored him, and then to me again. I don't like anyone I don't know well standing so close to me, so I stepped away from him, told him I didn't feel like talking. He kept talking, anyway.

On the bus I sat next to a girl in patterned leggings and Ray Bans. She spent the whole ride staring at her phone.

We got to Hayes and I scanned the corner looking for either the pretty man, or Mister Fantastic. Or, preferably, the both of them.
But today was not the day to matchmake these two.
No pretty man, but welcome back Mister Fantastic, back on the bus after his time off (or his earlier bus, or his ride to work, who knows).

He looked dressed for battle today. Black jeans, black jacket, camo tote bag, bright red sneakers, new grey baseball cap.


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