Friday, September 26, 2014

Bus Report #841

This morning, on the 22.

Greeted Mr. Henry Taylor, the world's oldest school crossing guard, with a smile and a wave and a good morning.
The bus was full but not crowded, everyone had a seat if they wanted one.

Two people in a row tried to put down the locked seat in the front of the bus. Neither paid attention to the stickers plastered on the seat that explain why it was locked.

A few minutes later, a man who is usually completely normal and polite began clipping his nails right behind me. I turned, sucked my teeth in disapproval. The woman sitting across from me caught my eye and scrunched up her face. We agreed - it was disgusting.

At 16th and Mission we all watched a police car, lights flashing, stop in the street as a man threw down a rather nice looking bike and took off running towards BART. The cops ran after him and caught him by the Burger King, handcuffing him against the dingy yellow wall.
The man standing with his back to me watched the whole thing, and then slowly shook his head.


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