Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bus Report #846

Lovely orange sunrise today over Potrero Hill, was it for the Giants, I wondered, as I walked down 16th.

Oh, Giants. Your win was exciting, but I could have done without the fireworks and firecrackers, and this morning's re-route of the 33 Stanyan, which climbed high up over the Castro and then roller-coasted back down the hill to 18th Street. In the Mission, trash and graffiti and many, many garbage trucks and street cleaners all up and down Mission Street and the numbered streets.

Earlier, walking down a pitch-black Clement Street, it was just me and some dog walkers, and a man talking to himself, and two men blinking in the glare of Alex Bakery's florescent lights. Further down the street, there was an abandoned book on the bench outside Toy Boat Dessert Cafe - Millennials Rising - left next to a black and white checkered scarf.


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