Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Bus Report #860

This afternoon I took the 10 Townsend downtown.

I sat in a side-facing seat, with a perfect view of the couple sitting across from me in a front-facing seat.
They were both sunburned, the man in a dingy shirt, the woman in flip flops and faded jeans. She held her little dog on her lap and stroked its fur. Stroked its fur and picked through it, occasionally stopping to hold a speck of something up to her face. She'd then frown and flick the little something to the floor.

Oh god, I thought, she's checking it for fleas. And worse, she was finding them. And pitching them onto the floor of the bus.

Near my shoe.

The man caught my disgusted glance and he elbowed his girlfriend. He said something to her in a low voice and she looked over at me.

And then she continued grooming the dog.


They got off the bus at my stop. I made sure not to touch anything they touched, and waited until they were well out of the bus before I got out.

Double ugh.


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