Friday, December 19, 2014

Bus Report #851

This morning the 33 Stanyan bus slowed down when it saw the two of us waiting, then sped up and drove off. I yelled after him but it made no difference. The other person waiting in the stop, an older man who always reeks of Axe body spray, didn't do anything except shrug and retreat to a dry spot under a nearby awning.

I was pissed off - mostly because the 33 is an infrequent bus and it meant another 20 minutes or so waiting in the rain - but also because that driver saw us. No question. he just didn't want to stop.

I called 311 while I waited for the next bus and made a complaint. I felt better and killed some time, but it didn't get me to work any faster.

Another bus came, and the body spray guy waved frantically for the bus to stop. It did, and we got on.

A few blocks later, and the giant genie got on, once again wearing his tall, tall boots. Once again carefully brushing his beard and mustache with his dandy brush. His earrings sparkled in the bright light on the bus.


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