Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bus Report #853

Does the man who smells like awful Axe body spray think I am always sick? I cough whenever I'm down wind of him waiting at the bus stop. I bet he thinks I've got a chronic cough.

Out front Safeway, in the bus stop, I saw Hy-Plains Beef guy, with his signature odd hair style and his thick hairnet stretched over the whole production. A knot of people waited for the 22, so I stepped into the street to get around them.

A coffee shop regular, Jeff, waved at me with his newspaper and said good morning. I smiled, said good morning back.

There's a new bus in town, starting in a few days - the 55 16th Street. Seems like it will ferry people from Mission Bay to 16th Street BART. Not sure how I feel about it, since the 22 and the 10 already cover a lot of Potrero and further into SOMA, etc., but we'll see.
I'm kind of longing for the 53 Southern Heights, though - despite its very different route and its death a few years ago.


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