Friday, March 13, 2015

Bus Report #862

This morning I had two pies to carry in to work, since we were celebrating Pi Day early. I carried one in each hand - one hand held tight to a vintage pie tin inside tote bag, the other to a plastic cake taker I'd gotten at Ross long ago. I know I probably looked ridiculous.

When the bus pulled up to my stop I got on, balancing pie container on top of pie container so I could scan my Clipper card.

"What you got today?" the driver asked.

"Just a couple pies," I said.

"You didn't bring me none, huh?" he asked, joking.

"Aw, sorry, not today!"I told him, sitting down and situating the pies so they wouldn't slide around.

A few stops later, oh look! It's the giant genie - my fourth sighting of him this week.
He daubed some oil onto a small comb and combed it through his beard, then finished off with the beard balm and his dandy comb. What a great ritual. I don't mind watching it - unlike the dreaded nail clipping and the cringe worthy eyelash curling, this never seems disgusting or potentially dangerous.

I (carefully, slowly) got out the bus at my usual stop and said good bye to the driver, and walked the rest of the way to work.


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