Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bus Report #908

Tuesday nights, when we all head for the bus, L. and D. and I (or just L., or just D.), play the 1 California evening roulette.

Will the 1 California be going all the way out to 33rd? Will it be stopping at Presidio, or at Baker, or even at 6th Ave?

You just can't know, even if bus tracking apps try to stay up to date. Sometimes the 1 California drivers just decide to head to the yard early. When that happens, there are always a few angry people who yell at the driver, stomp off the bus.

Last night my bus was only going to Presidio.

I hopped out and waited for the 2 Clement, which was supposed to arrive in a minute. I recognized an elderly man who always carries two heavy shopping bags. Last time I saw him, the driver helped him with his bags.

Here's the bus, I said. Do you need help?
He shook his head. No, they're too heavy, don't worry about it. You get on first, since I will be slow.
Are you sure? I asked.
He was sure.

Another woman offered him her help but he declined again.

Soon the three of us were on the bus.

In the front of the bus, a few passengers chatted about how there were so many Clement Street stores closed for Chinese New Year.

Ah, said a man who spends a lot of time in the donut shop. Happy New Year to you, then.
The rest of the front of the bus passengers shared holiday wishes, even though none of them were Chinese at all.


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