Friday, May 06, 2016

Bus Report #919

This morning on the 33...

A homeless man got on the bus by the park, weighed down with luggage. He shuffled to the back of the bus.
A moment later he walked up to the front of the bus carrying an expensive-looking woman's wallet - black leather with gold zipper and gold grommets.
The nerve, I thought, stealing someone's wallet and then using their money to pay his fare.

But no - he handed the wallet to the driver and indicated that he had just found it on his seat.

A good man.

High up on the hill before we turned onto Market, the city was blanketed in fog, and it was beautiful.
In the Castro, the gyro place on the corner of 18th and Castro had been transformed, on the outside, at least, back into a pharmacy - for the mini series currently filming around town, I assumed.

The rest of the commute was uneventful, and quiet, just perfect for a Friday morning.

Have a good weekend, readers!


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