Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bus Report #912

The other night, L. and D. and I waited for the 1 California after writing group.
The bus arrived sooner than expected - so D. and I hugged L. and hurried onto the bus before it took off without us.

We rode to Presidio without a hitch and I hopped out, preferring to transfer to the 2 Clement so I could get to the library as lazily as possible.

A handsome man with a guitar case strapped to his back wandered over to the bus shelter, looked at his phone and then at the NextBus console. We chatted the way you do with strangers at bus stops. He was friendly and smiley. The perfect bus shelter companion on a cold and damp night.

He was waiting for the 2 as well, on his way to 8th Ave. - I guessed guitar lessons at the place near Goodwill, or playing a set or meeting friends at Richmond Republic.

The bus arrived and we got on. I sat in the back, blinking in the overwhelmingly bright fluorescent light.

At 8th, the man got out, calling a cheery 'see you later' back to me.

Yes, I thought, I hope you do.


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