Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bus Report #921

On the 38 Geary yesterday, everyone was dispensing travel advice.

A trio of older women sat in the back of the bus, wondering how they would get to the De Young.
A woman sitting near them recommended getting out the bus and walking back a few blocks to catch the 28. "It'll drop you right in the park."
Another person chimed in, "Then you can switch to the 7 and get closer to the Arboretum."
My seatmate, a cheerful elderly woman said, "San Francisco has so many things to see."
I agreed with her. "I'd probably just get out here and walk over to the De Young, but I like to walk," I said.
The tourist ladies overheard me. "Get out here, you think?"
"If you want. Or you can wait til 6th Ave. and switch to the 44, it will drop you off right in front of the museum."
"Oh, we'll do that," said the leader of the group, a woman with long grey hair, dressed in layers of light blue tie-dye.
The tourist ladies continued chatting.
My seatmate told me she'd lived here for 20 years. "I don't go out with my friends that much any more, too busy," she said. "But I used to go to the park. To the old De Young."

The tourist ladies missed their stop. At 3rd Ave. they got out and walked back to 6th to catch the 44.


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