Monday, October 17, 2016

Bus Report #940

The 33 was late this morning. Not five minutes late, not ten. Twenty five minutes late.

I was annoyed and every time a 33 whooshed by in the opposite direction I thought, finally, this guy will turn around in a few minutes. But no. Late, late, late.

Finally, I saw our friendly driver, the one who looks like Jason, the original headphones guy.
As he passed by my stop, he leaned all the way out the window and hollered, "Can you believe it, I broke down this morning! That's why I'm so behind!"
He smiled and shook his head.

"Aw, man," I yelled back. "That sucks!"

A few minutes later, a different driver picked me up. He said, "Hey, good morning to you."

I couldn't really be mad any more. They were doing their best - which is hard to do when the electric buses get stacked up behind an out of service vehicle.

The bus was full the entire commute, people from what would have been my bus and other buses in between.

I got out at my usual stop and waved goodbye to the driver. As I crossed 16th Street, I could see another 33 pull up right behind him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't think i would like to be a bus driver when things are running behind - a lot of people are not as nice and forgiving as you are.

7:47 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I totally agree, Solo!
I think the delays, even if they are short, just compound and ruin the whole rest of the run. People are short tempered and angry (I don't blame them), buses get overcrowded and the drivers have to do their best to make up time and keep everyone happy (well, if not happy, at least not homicidal).

9:37 AM  

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