Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Bus Report #980

On the 22 Fillmore this afternoon:
A woman requested the lift for her stroller, something which bothers me when the stroller is a light, foldable umbrella model. It is just so much faster to lift those on board, even if you need to ask for help.
She and her stroller get on the bus and I see that she isn't pushing a baby in it, but a ginger cat.
It is a covered animal stroller.
She maneuvers into a seat near the front, opens the mesh cover on the stroller, and lifts out an (admittedly) very cute ginger cat. But still.

Later, waiting for the 38, a couple is lost, wandering in the Fillmore bus stop, asking everyone for directions. Several people shrug, or point across the street, or just shake their heads.

The couple stares at the map in the bus shelter, tracing the red bus lines up the map towards Marin.

I take off my headphones. "Are you trying to get somewhere?" I ask them.

They turn to me and hold up their phones. The husband says, "The 92, it's supposed to stop here but there's no sign for it."

Hmmm. "Yeah, it does sometimes stop here, hold on, let me check." I pull up Swiftly on my phone. No joy. But I'm sure the bus stops there.

"Are you going to Marin? I know you can catch that bus further up on Geary if not here."

"We're going here," the wife said, pointing at the bridge.

"Just to the bridge? Not to Sausalito or anything?"

Just to the bridge.

"Oh, no problem, then. Take the 38 to Park Presidio, switch to the 28, then you can see the bridge, take some pictures and then head back."

The husband nodded. "Ah. We've taken the 38 downtown but never in this direction. Thanks."

A 38L pulled up, my regular 38 right behind it. "You can take either one." I said.


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