Friday, April 21, 2017

Bus Report #972

This morning I was the only passenger on the 33, with Leon at the wheel.
"Man, was your day totally crazy yesterday?" I asked, because the 33 was right in the thick of Golden Gate Park 420 festivities yesterday.
He laughed. "You know, I took the day off yesterday. I had no desire to be part of that at all."
That's right, I thought - yesterday was the other driver.
"It was crazy last night," I said. "You didn't miss anything. Smart of you."
"I mean they can do their celebration," he said, grinning, "But I don't need to be involved in that."
I agreed and sat down.

As the bus rode through the Upper Haight, I could see there was still evidence of yesterday's event scattered all over the park. The upper panhandle was covered in paper (fliers? handouts?) and the trash cans near the entrance to the park were overflowing. Still, at least this year there was an event sponsor and an attempt at controlling the crowds.

No sign of our drunk and confused passengers from yesterday.

The giant genie got on at his usual stop. Sat in front of me and went through his routine - comb, dandy brush, lotions. And then his second routine: opening up his coffee hot cup, adding his sugar, shaking the cup to mix. 

The sun was bright and when we took the hairpin turn onto Market, the city below us was bathed in ombre shades of gold, with a thin band of early morning fog hanging low over the buildings. Just beautiful.

I got out at Potrero as always, bid Leon a good day and a great weekend. He waved and I crossed the street to walk to work, while he took a right onto Potrero.

The large encampment that I've reported twice (and man, if you want to see the state of our city, from graffiti to homeless concerns to abandoned vehicles, check out the latest 311 requests, it is crazy! Each time I check, there are at least four other open reports about this encampment) still blocks 16th between Utah and Vermont so that I have to zig zag around tents and trash and, under the freeway, walk in the street because the sidewalk is completely blocked. And then when I stepped back up onto the sidewalk this morning, I almost stepped on a hypodermic needle. Delightful.

Have a great weekend, all.


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