Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bus Report #973

This morning the sky was cotton candy pink with clouds to match. Not a hint of our beloved fog. It was bright enough that I could see all the way towards downtown. Amazing.
Waved to the friendly Russian woman who was waiting, as usual, for the 2 Clement.

Within a few blocks the pink sunrise cooled into a light blue that I suppose could also have been a shade of cotton candy.

Open windows of Clement Street - an almost always dark window was well lit, the shades ajar, a shirtless man walking around a small room. I turned away to give him some privacy.

And the open doors: wet suit landing door open, bench at the top of the stairs free of wet suits.

Waiting for Leon, I said good morning to the man who is often sitting on the bench out front the pizza place. We used to just nod at each other, but friendliness has gotten the best of me. So now we greet each other every day.

I put on my headphones to listen to the latest episode of Radio Ambulante. Always amazing. If you're looking to improve your Spanish, or just enjoy a great podcast, you should check it out.

C. came around the corner, on his way to work. We both took off our headphones and stopped and chatted for a moment. So pleasant.
He hurried off, so as not to be late, and Leon pulled up in the 33 a moment later.

We were in one of the coaches that has the ad with his photo in it. I can't help it, I always find that to be strange.

Most of the ride I spent listening to the radio show. Not many regulars this morning, not many people at all. No giant genie, either. In the Castro, an out-of-it guy on a bike actually stopped for the bus. Huh. I guess even drug-addled meth guys can surprise me sometimes.

At Potrero I hopped out. Leon and I did our usual "Have a great day, you too, see you tomorrow, catch you later" and I crossed the street.

Walked down 16th, in the street because the sidewalk was still blocked by the encampment I reported last week. And the week before. A few blocks later, across the street, I saw my coworker, D.

I waved, he waved, and then he crossed over and we walked to work together, after grabbing coffee at Philz.

It was one of those golden San Francisco mornings, with an easy commute and nice people. What M. used to call a "Miss Rachel's Neighborhood" kind of vibe.

Let's have some more of those.


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