Friday, July 28, 2017

Bus Report #985

This morning as we began to make the hair-pin turn onto Market Street, the sun was a white-gold spot popping through thick bands of grey fog.

Summer time and my commutes have been... uneventful.

They've been busy, and crowded, annoying at times, but for the most part, a snooze-fest.

Last night on the 38R, I sat facing a cute blonde couple. They chatted and laughed for the duration of the ride, eyes only for each other.

I had a series of quiet, stoic seatmates - young women in college sweatshirts, all of them sitting statue-still. No fumbling with phones. No nothing.

Two different, heavily bearded men with bright red eyes. One of them had a CITY YEAR patch on his backpack. I thought of my sister back when she did CITY YEAR. Just out of high school with no idea what she was doing with her life. Oversized jacket, khakis, heavy work boots. She loved it all. And now? She's the best of us.

Van Ness and Geary. Raucous shouting and laughing outside. I was not the only passenger looking around to see what was happening. Two women in stretched-out off-the-shoulder shirts and busted-up heels grabbed at each other's arms and laughed, both smiling as they stumbled down the block.

At Fillmore our bus emptied out. Someone jammed the back door - the driver had to get out of the bus and walk back to fix it.


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