Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bus Report #981

Living in a post-Leon as our morning driver world, sigh.
The new driver is fine - but he is slow as can be, and not very friendly.
We don't all need to be best buddies, but sheesh.

Arsicault Bakery has been teasing me all week with the scent of their delicious buttery croissants wafting from the kitchen out onto the street where I wait for the 33 in the mornings. Heavenly.

The other day there was a woman on the bus with the most magnificent shoes. Oh, how I loved those shoes. I could not stop staring.
They were grey and black, with a small split at the front and a small heel. I can't do them justice, just know they were beautiful.
She wore them with cute socks. Oh, man. Those were some fabulous shoes.

Mauricio was on my bus on Tuesday morning. He even slid over into the window seat for me.
"Raquel, where have you been lately?" he said, and we chatted for a bit in Spanish and English, as we do, until it was time for me to get out at my stop.

Last night Muni out of Potrero Hill was a mess, because of the terrible shooting at UPS (and the earlier street closings and reroutes).
There were a lot of irritated people waiting for buses, and then on the bus, too, when we were finally able to board.
But I wasn't complaining. I was thinking about all the UPS folks, and hoping our guys were all safe (they are, thankfully).
 It was strange to see the building with police officers standing guard. Yellow caution tape trailed along the sidewalk and some of the tent campers had already taken the tape and wrapped it around their tents (as an aside - I can't believe they weren't evacuated/moved away from the scene. I really don't get it).

Our UPS friends and neighbors were back at work this morning - everything seemingly back to normal as I walked to work from the bus stop.

I'm going to shill for myself/for a good cause for a minute - tomorrow night is the 5th Anniversary of the Lit Camp Basement Series reading series at Sports Basement on Bryant (accessible by Muni via the 10, 22, 33, 27, 9, 9L, 12 and probably other lines I'm not remembering).

It is a fundraiser, too, to raise money for Lit Camp scholarships. The theme tomorrow night is Strange Travel Suggestions and I will be one of their readers. You should come, and introduce yourself if you do. It is a great cause and I think we'll have a lot of fun. Information can be found on their Facebook page, here.


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