Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Bus Report #1003

For the foreseeable future (probably until May!) the 33 is running regular buses instead of the electric buses. Easier and faster for the drivers, I suspect, but definitely taking some getting used to for us riders. The bus sounds different: no whoosh of hydraulics or whine of... well, I'm not sure. Also, the windows don't open as widely as they do on the other buses. Important when stinky folks get on the bus.

And the buses are configured differently. Different seats, and the short flight of stairs in the back.
I can still cram in to a corner seat, so I'm happy.
Some regulars have been unsure how to get the back doors to open. I watched one man stand right up against the door, so that his nose was almost touching it. But he didn't reach out for the yellow tape that says, in big letters, "touch here to open door".
Annie opened the door for him but he didn't acknowledge her, just shuffled off.

I can't tell if this is standard for all drivers or just Annie-specific, but at the corner of Market and Clayton before the turn, she has to lean out of the front door and press the button to get the light to change.

This morning a woman got on with her very cute puppy - a yellow lab. The little guy wasn't used to bus travel yet, and he was sliding across the floor while trying to stay perfectly still. Cutie.
Then I noticed that the woman was carrying a plastic bag full of dog shit.
On the bus.
Never mind the trash can in the bus stop where she had gotten on.

They got out in the Castro (puppy so frightened he couldn't move and she had to pick him up).

At least she took the bag with her.


Blogger Robert said...

There may be a couple of things behind the 33 being diesel for a time.
1) SFMTA have new electric busses on order to replace the old 33 electrics - not sure when they arrive though (just a guess)
2) it also might be because MUNI is changing which bus barn several routes start at -- I think the 33 is moving so maybe that's why ... The 6 barn moved ...

Lots of things hanging behind the scenes ... moving the 6 barn kinda sucked as they dropped the first run in the morning and didn't notify anyone (as far as I can tell) -- it means one of my friends is walking to work @ 5:15 in the morning (that sucks) .. ...

anyway -- great report -- good to have you back online :-)

6:56 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks for the in-depth analysis, Robert! I think the change is due to road or other infrastructure work, but not sure. They are definitely running more buses out of the Presidio yard these days than they used to.
Sorry your friend has an early morning walk that they don't want to have to do... No good!

Always a pleasure to hear from you.

10:02 AM  

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