Tuesday, July 27, 2004

As seen on lamp post, 16th and Potrero

I was walking to work from the bus stop when I saw a for rent sign posted on a lamp post. Like any good San Franciscan worth her salt, I read the ad. I mean, bigger and better and onward and upward, right? This ad was in Spanish.
Se Renta un Estudio. Spanglish for: Studio for Rent
They listed all the amenities (not many) and went on to describe that the place was situated near un parque y un suimin pool. I thought, that's a new word, suimin. Suimin. Suimin. OH, I GOT IT, SWIMMING! Located near a SWIMMING pool! Otherwise known as una piscina. So I learned a new Spanglish word today.

For more Spanglish fun, check out Ilan Stavans's book on Spanglish. Or, a very funny Spanglish Dictionary out of Miami, which I believe is simply called Spanglish.


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