Thursday, December 02, 2004

Bus Report #32

Last night I rode an earlier 22 than usual, and ended up chatting with a guy that works in my building. I was embarrassed to admit that even though we have met before I had forgotten his name.
I also saw the rocking-out-on-huge-headphones-guy, not to be confused with headphones-guy, who's name is Jason. R-o-o-h-h-guy always looks content, a little sleepy, and he always smiles. At the driver, at me, at whoever. He is nice. And when his CD player is on, he bobs his head and rolls his shoulders. It's funny.
Back in the neighborhood the accordion player was playing Home On The Range. The previous night it was "I'm looking for a four leaf clover". His repertoire is not big but what he knows he bellows quite loudly.
Even the screaming 5 year olds at Giorgio's couldn't drown him out.
The sunset was pink and green. Beautiful.


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