Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bus Report #103

This morning the 22 Fillmore was actually kind of empty, compared to how it's been lately. The usual suspects got on the bus at Fillmore: The sweatshop ladies, the little family with junior high and kindergarten daughters, the construction workers and me.
Carmen was sitting a few seats into the bus and as I walked past her to sit behind her, I pinched her arm. We said 'hi' to each other, then she asked the half-dead sweatshop lady next to me to switch seats. The woman looked confused for a minute, then agreed.
Carmen and I chatted mostly about work, and about the other people on the bus.
At Dolores, she got out to go to work.
I noticed someone had pasted the word 'Lolita' over one of the Dolores Street signs. Get it? Dolores and Lolita? From Nabokov's Lolita? We have some highly literate vandals in this city!


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