Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bus Report #98

This morning someone on the 38 had a cello with him, and he took up three seats. When we reached his stop, he struggled to get the cello out the back door. Both the man and his cello got stuck in the doorway, and there was a collective catching of breath from all of us in the back of the bus.

The nice, smiling woman who gets on at Divisadero sat next to me. I said hi, we smiled, and when it was time for me to go I said a quiet "have a nice day," to her.
On the 22, the shaved-head-clark-kent-glasses driver chatted with the people in the front of the bus. He made sure to stop and pick up all the regulars. He brazenly ran two red lights.

There are two beautiful trees on 16th between Shotwell and Folsom. I don't know what they are but I am always taken by their lacy, delicate branches and the perfectly formed leaves. The trees are dark brown or black, it's hard to tell, and they look like they are cast in iron. There's just something about them.
Someone has finally (after 3+ years) painted over the "Lillypadhouse, Will You Marry Me?" sign on the side of a building on Folsom. Sad. For years, someone would touch up the sign every now and again. I always wonder if Lillypadhouse said yes.

On 16th: A man built like a fridge with a crazy shock of fried hair carrying a fridge out to a pickup truck.


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