Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bus Report #96

With the weather growing cooler, the crazy people of San Francisco have taken refuge on the bus.
Yesterday it was the crazy red-eyed homeless man that usually hangs around in the Haight. He was on crutches, taking a long time to get out of the 38 Geary at Fillmore Street. To add to the fun, he yelled and shouted weird half-threats half-come-ons to the Muslim girls and their babies who were waiting to get on the bus.
The driver said, "Calm down and hurry up, man!"
The man finally got out of the bus. The girls hurried to get on, to avoid him.

This morning on the 22 Fillmore, the shaved-head-clark-kent-glasses-driver had a bus with windows that were stuck closed. It was awful because there was a hideous smelling, mumbling, spastic crazy man sprawled in the back of the bus. People tried to avoid him, but as the bus filled the kids had no choice but to move back.
"You stink," said one girl. Her friends agreed.
A boy said something to the man that I could not hear.
The man said, "You stay in school, I mean it, I made my choices in life." It was a pretty lucid and coherent statement from him, I was surprised.
The next minute, he was spastically dancing off the bus at Haight Street. He practically danced right in to some moms and kids. One little girl who could not have been any older than five gave him a wary glance and walked a wide berth around him to get on the bus.


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