Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bus Report #163

This morning it was deliciously foggy outside. I rode the 38 down Geary without being able to see much at all, except the marquee at the Bridge Theater advertising a movie called Three Dollars.

For the second day in a row Carmen and I were so busy chatting on the 22 Fillmore that she almost missed her stop. We had been looking at pictures from her latest trip to Mexico.
She said, "You need to bring your Nicaragua pictures."
I said, "Well, I will, but they look a lot like your pictures, only different people... and poorer."
The bus turned at Church and 16th Street. I said, "Hey, maybe we should signal for your stop, unless you want to come have a coffee and come to work with me."
I pulled the rope for her, and laughing as she got out of the bus she said, "Have a great day."


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