Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Not A Bus Report

Let's call this... A state of the world report, shall we?

The State of MUNI: Crowded. Hot. Lots of people with short tempers and not enough deodorant. Tourists lost in the Fillmore. Students loose in the Mission. Marathoners last week, conventioneers this week, College kids back the week after.

The State of California: Hot. Playing host to Tony Blair. Electricity shortages and rolling blackouts.

The State of the union: Troubled. Too depressing to say anything else.

The State of the world: Well, there's potential for a lot of upheaval in Cuba today/this week, with the announcement that Fidel Castro has transitioned power to his brother Raul (temporarily) while undergoing/recovering from surgery.
I just found out this morning, and I am anxiously awaiting more news. My sources are mixed on what is happening or going to happen, but I predict a lot of news coming out of Cuba this week.

As for Fog City Notes, we will be going on hiatus at the end of this week so I can take my yearly trip to Nicaragua. I will be back in mid-August, hopefully with some Fog City Notes-worthy stories to report.
Until then, enjoy the summer and see you on MUNI....


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