Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bus Report #156

As seen on MUNI this week:

New signs at Needles and Pens and Familia Lopez Cafe. They look great!

The 16th Street BART plaza that has been under construction for months is finally done. It looks good. Two of the palm trees are still tied up, which makes them look like paintbrushes.

From the window of a 5 Fulton: A woman (or possibly a very busty man) dressed only in a brown leotard and flip flops, walking down Market Street.

The mom and daughter who get on at Church and Duboce: The little girl was wearing a brand new school uniform. She must be off to kindergarten this year. She and her mom both looked excited and ready for the big day. Adorable.

And heard on MUNI yesterday:
Well, I actually can't repeat the conversation since it was too raw for a family blog, (and for MUNI, I must say) but it was a heated discussion between two guys and a girl (all three swigging from a shared bottle of Kahlua) about what pierces and tattoos women should have and on which body parts. Just when I thought they couldn't go into any more detail, they did. It was.... Enlightening? Disgusting? I really can't say. The driver kept looking at them in his mirror, but did not say a word.


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