Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bus Report #161

Yesterday's Report:

I went out to wait for the 38 Geary at my usual time. There were police cars and some signal flares a couple of blocks up but I did not really pay any attention, until I noticed that all the buses were turning onto Park Presidio and not coming back.

Most annoying about this was the fact that the accident up ahead was not life-threatening and any one of the cops milling around could have walked down to our stop to tell us that we would not be able to catch our bus there.

Finally, after watching four 38 Gearys turn and not resurface, I walked down to the next stop with a couple other regulars. The Russian businessman made polite conversation as always. A woman was freaking out about catching the express bus. We looked at her and the businessman said, "Don't worry, you can get it here."
So we caught a bus, but ten minutes later than normal.
At Fillmore it was obvious I had missed my regular bus. When one finally came it was very packed already, but I managed to get a seat.
At Church and 16th Street the wires came down. Not a surprise because it seems to happen at that intersection all the time, but still.
Got to work later than I wanted to, and no time for coffee.


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