Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bus Report #165

Today I went to the P.H for brunch with the Teacher's Pet. On the 22, there was a crazy man, cursing loudly at everyone, coming on to every woman brave enough to sit nearby him. At one point, the driver told him to cut it out, but he didn't and she didn't bother throwing him off the bus.
At Mission he was still going, swearing and tirading... Until a friend of his got on the bus.
"Fucking assholes, fucking bitches, oh, hey John, what's happening?"
It was pretty funny.

After brunch the Teacher's Pet and I stopped in at Community Thrift. I got what I had come for, a cast iron frying pan, and she got a stuffed tiger for an upcoming performance.
We took them on BART to the movies at Embarcadero.
Here are some photos of the Tiger and the Frying Pan on their first adventure:


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