Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bus Report #166

This morning the area outside the Fillmore Auditorium was littered with stickers and fliers and big construction paper signs in different colors. I kicked over a pile of discarded signs. In bright magic marker, they read:
Good Charlotte Rulez!
Good Charlotte Rocks!

Ah, Good Charlotte. That explains the Hot Topic-ed out kids that were waiting in front of the Fillmore yesterday morning at 7 AM.

At the bus stop I talked to the dreadlocked security guard. There were a lot of people waiting, so I braced myself for a crowded bus. Luckily, it was no more crowded than usual, and Carmen had saved me a seat.
We talked the whole ride. She is such a sweetheart.

At Mission Street our bus got crowded. Kids and adults were packed in worse than usual.

I exchanged a 'what-can-you-do?' smile with a Cor-O-Van guy.

At my stop, I had to climb over the sweatshop lady next to me ( I think she got hit in the face with my bag but I am not sure. Next time she should just stand up, it's safer!)and push past some teenagers standing in the step well.

It was a typical commute. As I was walking down 16th, I ran in to Ebony who was getting off another packed 22 Fillmore. We chatted a little and then went our separate ways.


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