Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bus Report #174

Bits and Pieces:

I saw a man with a gigantic steamer trunk try to get on 3 22 Fillmores and 1 53 Southern Heights. No drivers would let him on, so he set down his trunk and sat on it. I got on a 33 soon thereafter and wonder how he ended up getting home.

Carmen wants to trick-or-treat at Robin Williams' house next year because she heard he gives toothbrushes and she thinks it would be a good souvenir.

My favorite sewing lady got a new perm. She sat next to me this morning and I saw that she was carrying a cartoony umbrella.

A girl without a jacket or umbrella was waiting at the bus stop with me this morning, complaining on her phone that it was 'pouring and I have nothing, nothing.' That's why people look outside before they leave their house in the morning, honey. No sympathy from me on that one (I was bundled in jacket, hat and scarf and standing under the overhang with the dreadlocked dental technician)

On a soggy wet 22 Fillmore today, a man I have never seen before stuck his hand in my face waving at me, and smiled as though we were old friends. I gave him a look that said, 'get your hand out of my face before I make you' but he was blissfully unaware of my hostility.


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