Friday, October 13, 2006

Bus Report #170

I have had only marginal bus luck this week. Despite leaving my house earlier than normal, I managed to be late for my connection at Fillmore for three days in a row. Something must be wrong with the 38 this week. Every morning they have been packed full of all the regulars and more and more students as the days went on.
Today I was even earlier for the bus and I caught it, along with the Russian business man, a student, and a woman who kept trying to flag down the 38L, which does not stop at our street.
At Fillmore I caught the 22, problem-free, and sat/chatted with Carmen. I think we were talking about racism, but I wasn't quite sure. I smiled, nodded, listened, but was confused for most of the ride.
At Hayes, the dreadlocked security guy got out. I said, "have a good weekend."
Carmen nudged me. "Are you stealing my boyfriend?" she asked.
I heard myself reply, "he's not my boyfriend." How old am I? Twelve?
We both had a laugh.

As I walked to work from the coffee shop I saw a 10 Townsend coming down De Haro. I scanned it to see if the Teacher's Pet was on board, but she wasn't. A moment later, I saw a flash of green jacket and several bulging tote bags coming around the corner.
Poor Teacher's Pet had missed her bus, by about 30 seconds. I stood with her and talked for a couple minutes, then we went our separate ways.
Good luck today, Teacher's Pet!


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