Monday, August 06, 2007

Bus Report #245

Recently on MUNI...

Thursday afternoon as I walked to the bus I saw Ramon standing on one side of the stop and Ebony at the other. They both smiled and waved at me.
Oh, no, I thought, who to talk to first?
I chose Ramon since he was closer to where I was walking. We hugged and caught up for a minute before the 10 Townsend came. I got on and sat beside Ebony. As the bus pulled away, Ramon waved at me again.

Saturday night I was out late, celebrating J's birthday. We ended up leaving the bar as it closed. Coming down the street was a 22 Fillmore. KTT and I ran for it, calling our goodbyes as we ran.
We were planning to catch a cab, but when the bus is coming, you take it.

This morning I was talking to Nicolai at the bus stop. Turns out he's Greek, not Russian, so let's call him Nikolas instead.


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