Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bus Report #237

This week on the bus...

Monday - I went out to wait for the 22 after work, and ran in to Ramon. We had about three minutes to say 'hi', catch up with each other and hug before his 19 Polk came by.

Tuesday - I took the 19 Polk out to my knitting class. I sat in a window seat next to a man who wouldn't budge to let me in to the seat. He sat sprawled out so that his legs touched mine. He clasped his hands over the flap of his plaid messenger bag. At my stop he grudgingly swung his legs out so I could get out. Thanks, man. Really.

Wednesday - I had to run to catch the 38. The driver was one of my new favorite drivers. She has a wide, friendly smile and always waits for me even if I'm still running across the street.
I flashed my pass at her and said, 'thanks, good morning.'
The automated system must have been broken because she called out each stop. She even mentioned what transfers passengers could make at each transfer point. It was nice of her.

Thursday - Another afternoon chatting with Ebony on the 10 Townsend. She's doing well. We compared notes on thrift shopping. She's much better at it than I am.

Friday - Early morning Emiliano sighting: He's been riding his bike lately. I caught sight of him securing his bike out front the coffee shop. He was wearing his blue plaid flannel shirt and his Team Zissou hat. I was happy to see him. He looked fit. He even had some red in his cheeks.


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