Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bus Report #236

I am back from summer travels, at least for a while. I say, give me a bus over a plane, anytime.

As seen on the bus this week:

The mom with the little toddler: The baby was being super cute, flirting with the man sitting behind her. She got him to wave and talk in a babyish voice, and they played peek-a-boo for a while.

Weird guy: I saw this weird guy who had a Cuba baseball hat, several 'Impeach Bush' buttons, a T-shirt showing a vampire Bush attacking the Statue of Liberty, and a backpack with another Bush related T-shirt pinned to it. He also had, wait for it, a wristband decorated with the flag of....
Puerto Rico.
I bet he thought it was the Cuban flag.
It's called an atlas, buddy, check one out sometime.

He ended up in the aquarium store at the same time I was there, which creeped me out a little, because for a moment I thought, is he following me?
But then I saw he had some fish food and stuff and realized he was just shopping like me.

He was on my 19 Polk yesterday with a handmade sign badly scribbled on cardboard. The sign asked us to impeach our mayor, impeach Bush, and then something about a conspiracy, and he kept holding the sign up above his head and chanted, "Impeach the gambler, impeach Newsom. Impeach the gambler, impeach Newsom."
Everyone averted their eyes and pretended not to notice him.

I saw Emiliano twice, both times he sped past me on a bicycle. He was still wearing his flannel shirt and his Zissou hat.

Other locals seen recently:
Friend of British Look Guy

Sadly, the Handsome South Asian chef is nowhere to be found.


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