Monday, July 23, 2007

Bus Report #240

The MUNI roundup:

Saturday- Rode the 38 Geary up to the Anza branch of the library.
Two teenage girls were sitting in front of me, discussing their boyfriends.
Girl #1, wearing a yellow sweater: I don't think I'm too into him anymore, ya know?
Girl #2, wearing baggy white sweater: Yeah, I get you. If he won't, like, pick you up at BART, that's like, not good.
Girl #1: Yeah cause like, I ain't gonna take fucking BART all the way down there, you know what I'm saying?

I thought, I totally know what you're saying.
They got out at 25 Ave., only to get back on a moment later.

After my library trip, laden with books, I walked back up the hill and headed to the bus stop. Two buses took off before I got there. I didn't care. Next Bus told me there'd be some more buses on the way. Besides, I had the new Armistead Maupin book, and wanted to read a little.
Five pages later I got on a 38L.

Monday- This morning I was on time for my bus, and my new favorite 38 driver pulled the bus right up in front of me, ignoring the waving hands of a woman in a white pantsuit who had been frantically trying to flag down the bus.

I got on. Miss Pantsuit got on.

I noticed that Tawan's Thai Food is still closed, hopefully just for vacation.

At Fillmore I waited with the antsy sewing lady and her friend. The bus came and they pushed in front of me to get a seat in the back. I ended up next to the Catfish Face Guy. He never moves over and I always end up sitting kind of sideways and it hurts my back. And he never smiles.

Our driver raced down 16th Street, not stopping at Church, Dolores or Guerrero.

At Valencia I watched the guys at Val 16 Market hose off the sidewalk. I used to shop there a lot when it was Casa Lucas. It's still a good shop, lots of GOYA brand products that I like to use. Si es GOYA, tiene que ser bueno. The Professor interviewed the GOYA people once, and they gave him a hat, and now he'll brag about his GOYA connections to try to get a rise out of me.
Sometimes it works.


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