Monday, August 27, 2007

Bus Report #247

I had only been home in the US for two hours last week when I got the best welcome home I could have imagined at 9 PM on a Thursday.
As I passed the doughnut shop on my way to get some milk I noticed the Alien Donut Man standing with his back to me as he stirred sugar into his coffee. I was glad to see him after so long.

Friday morning the smiley bus driver said, "It's been forever, I've missed you."
I thanked her and went to sit down.

Today marked the first day of school for the Public School kids here in San Francisco. They mobbed the bus. For the first time in a long time, seats came at a premium. I had to force my way past a woman who refused to move herself or her massive backpack. Twice. She decided not to move when it was time for me to get out, either.
Nice of her.
Hope I get to sit with her again.
One girl got on the bus with a black and white checkered backpack, black and white checkered suspenders, tie, bracelet and earrings. I didn't check her shoes but I'd be surprised if they weren't black and white checkered, too.

I saw the Mom and Dad with the cute little now first grader at the Catholic School near work. The little girl had a shiny, pink, new backpack.


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