Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bus Report #248

This morning while waiting for the 38, I saw Nikolas and the friendly elderly lady with the bad perm.
On the bus I walked right past Carl, who I used to work with downtown, and Wonder, who used to work at the Haight Street Cala Food.
We pulled in to the Fillmore stop just as a 22 was arriving. I ran for it and ended up getting a seat near the back of the bus. My seat mate was asleep against the window, his legs sprawled out a little more than they should have been. I gently nudged his leg until he shoved over enough for me to be comfortable.
Our bus filled up quickly.
Not a lot of regular adults today, but all the regular kids were there.
The boy with the glasses grew a couple inches over the summer.
The foul-mouthed 6-year old got a terrible haircut. He had a shaved head with a triangle of hair at the back of his head, right above his neck.
His older brother unfortunately had the same bad cut.

At Mission St., my seat mate got out and I got a new one, a man reeking of tobacco in such a way that he almost smelled like nutty coffee.
He had a strange instrument with him: at first glance it looked like some sort of large plug-in thermometer or temperature gauge. He put it in his mouth. That's when I stopped looking.

When it was time for me to get out, he grumbled and slowly shifted his weight so I could get up. I was barely out of my seat when a rather awkward woman who had been reading a sci-fi book smashed in to me to claim my seat.
I sucked my teeth at her but I don't think she noticed.
The man getting out in front of me had the same back as the handsome South Asian chef, but it was somebody else.


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