Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bus Report #409

This morning I left the house a little earlier than usual, because I needed to stop and grab something for lunch on the way in to work. I dug out my trusty Discman and put on a book on tape (er, CD!) to listen to on the way down to Potrero.
The bus came and I got on.
Two lovebirds sat across from me, the girl with her legs up in the boys lap. He wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hat. Tinjas, my sister used to call them. Actually, we still call them that in my family.
I wasn't really paying attention to them, instead listening to my book on CD. After a while, though, I noticed how similar the two of them looked. Same short dirty blond hair, same general build... I got that feeling you get sometimes, like a smirk from deep inside somewhere. They were dating themselves, or each other, you get the picture.
I smiled.

On the 22 I sat with Carmen, on her way to work early for a meeting. We chatted like always, she taught me a couple of Mexican Spanish idioms that don't translate well into English but were funny anyway. For the second time in a week, the comedian Cantinflas came up in normal conversation. His smarmy little mustache and beat up hat always make me cringe/laugh.

I got out at my usual stop and got some lunch things at Safeway. I couldn't resist two for one strawberries (I had some for snack and lunch, they were exquisite).

There were a lot of people waiting for buses in all directions at 16th and Potrero. I felt a little bit like my quiet morning routine had been invaded, but it didn't last.

I said 'hey' to the guys at the garage and kept going, walking slowly so I could listen to the end of my chapter.

My favorite tree was surrounded by mushrooms, a product of the misty wet rain from yesterday. The mushrooms had come up overnight, curious and fascinating and gross all at the same time.


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