Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bus Report #516

As seen on Muni, the past few days.

Four people on oxygen (in the space of three hours, on the same day): two on Geary, blocks and blocks apart; one on Market Street; one waiting for a 2 Clement over on Sutter.

A woman with a trash bag full of skeins of yarn, all different brands and colors, all acrylic, from what I could tell.

Kids in graduation garb: different graduations across the city, lots of balloons and flowers, groups of celebrants dotting the corners off Fillmore.

Wheelchair passengers, both directions of my commute yesterday.
One was quiet, while the other growled at the other passengers and refused to wear the seat belt. Since his chair didn't have brakes, the driver pulled our 38 Geary over and went up to him. "Sir, you can't keep taking off the belt," he said, politely, before he reattached the seat belt and we kept going.

Chatty and friendly folks waiting for the 2 Clement at the Fillmore stop. We ended up discussing the weather, and I made them laugh telling them about the guy I saw who was wearing short shorts that said something across his ass, like those velour track pants with the blinged out 'Juicy' or "Princess' written on them.


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