Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bus Report #508

Last Thursday there was a notice posted inside my afternoon bus shelter, advising us that the stop would be discontinued and moved to the next corner. Actually, the sign was vaguer than that, stating that the stop would be moved 'across the street'.

Yesterday, Monday, all traces of the bus stop were gone, including any notices to alert commuters to the change. In front of the former Metronome Ballroom there is a bright pink sign attached to a streetlight, but no official signage, no bus zone painted on the street, and no bus shelter or NextBus console.
This officially sucks.

I walked down the hill and caught the bus in front of Thee Parkside, a stop without a bus shelter but with a clearly outlined bus zone and a yellow sign painted on the light pole.

As our 10 Townsend bus rode past the discontinued stop, several of my fellow commuters looked up, and then ran for our bus.
Our driver opened the door. "This stop is discontinued," he said, as the passengers got on.
"When did that happen? I ride this bus every day," said one of the men.
"I don't know," said the driver. "But you can catch it at Wisconsin or at De Haro and 16th."

Discontinuing a stop that served two bus lines (and gave NextBus info for both of them) and that also served as a place for people to sit and wait for the 19 Polk was a bad idea.
The notice that the stop was being discontinued only went up on Thursday, and the stop was completely dismantled by Monday? Not okay.

With the new stop in front of the Ballroom, I doubt they will be putting in a bus shelter, because there is just no space.

Bad call, Muni. I am all about discontinuing useless bus stops, but this was not one of them.

UPDATE: On the SFMTA site I found this. It says the stop was discontinued on 4/28. Which it wasn't, because I caught the bus there on Thursday.


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