Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bus Report #506

Last night I took a 1 California down to Polk Street to go to The Teacher's Pet's birthday party.
NextBus predicted buses in 1 minute, 9 minutes, and 25 minutes. I put on my shoes and coat and flew out the door to make the bus in 9 minutes.
My sweet neighbor was on her way up to her apartment and stopped me for a chat, which I would have loved, but there was no time.
"I've got to catch a bus," I told her. "I'll talk to you later."
I half ran, half walked down the street. Got to the bus stop with time to spare.
The bus pulled up right on time. I got in and took a seat a couple rows back from the back door.
The bus never got full, but a few minutes later I had a pair of ladies sitting in front of me chatting loudly in Chinese, and their friend sat next to me, leaning forward so she could chat with them.
As our bus left the Laurel and California stop, someone in the front of the bus went, "SHHH!"
It was obviously directed to my seat mate and her friends.
The three of them were stunned. My seat mate looked at me and I burst out laughing, then she started laughing, and we shook our heads at each other.
The ladies resumed their conversation, but now they were practically whispering.
When we got to my stop, my seat mate made room for me to get out. I thanked her and hopped down from the bus, and went to the party.


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