Monday, May 24, 2010

Bus Report #512

I spent the weekend in Boston, visiting friends and family, celebrating, in no particular order:
Baby Sis getting her master's,
The Professor and JD getting engaged,
My parent's anniversary,
My mother's birthday,
Several half birthdays (according to Baby Sis),
And a brand new baby cousin.

On Thursday we took the 66 bus to Harvard Square, then walked the rest of the way to Porter to take a look at my new school. I will be attending a Low-Residency MFA Program in Creative Writing at Lesley University, for Fiction. Exciting.
And even though I know Cambridge pretty well, I wanted to time my commute. The bus ride wasn't bad, even with a 15-20 minute walk to campus attached. We took a spin around the campus, then trudged back to Harvard Square, to get some ice cream with an old friend of the Professor.
We ran to catch the 66 back home. The commute was easy, and ripe for some reminiscing about the old days. We passed Harvard Stadium, where my crew team sometimes ran stadium stairs for our workout, wound our way through Allston, past the punk clubs and Irish bars, the Brazilian restaurants and hole in the wall Caribbean takeout joints. The bus was air-conditioned, but still felt uncomfortably hot to this San Francisco resident. When the bus pulled in to our stop, we pushed our way out, and walked half a block home.

Sunday we hustled out of the house early and walked up to catch the C line. Nothing was going to keep us from our Dim Sum date at China Pearl.
We got out at Boylston, made our way up the worn-out stairs to the edge of the Common, near the Professor's college dorm. The restaurant was the lone hub of activity on a Chinatown side street. We ate our fill, then took a walk, ending up at Copley where we boarded an outbound B line train.
Once again, I was transported to my high school days... Hanging out in Kenmore Square, crew workouts and runs along the edge of the Boston University campus, afternoons spent rowing on the Charles.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and a visit, but wonderful just the same.


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