Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bus Report #517

Last night, another crowded 22 Fillmore.
A woman with a large, rectangular boom box pushed her way through the back door. The boom box was old, and on it's last legs, if the copious amounts of duct tape wound around it were any indication. She was playing some R&B style ballads, not awful but certainly much too loud for the bus.

A couple and their what? son? nephew? got on at Potrero. The woman was in a wheelchair, and her husband gently rolled her into a wheelchair spot and stood behind her, his hands clutching the handles. The boy who was with them had an oddly lumpy face with a scar down the side. He had a cane but didn't seem to use it as anything more than an accessory. The three of them squished together in the wheelchair spot. The boy said something I didn't hear, and I could see all his front teeth were capped in gold.

A man with very short, knobbly fingers stood at the end of my seat, holding on to the pole. He had horrible welts or hives, sores or something all over his arms and hands, and on his face. I immediately diagnosed him with Hanson's disease (Leprosy.)*
He proceeded to cough, pick at a hairy mole on his neck, and then he sat down next to a woman who looked like she wanted to climb out the window when she saw him.
I decided not to touch anything else on the bus for the rest of the ride.

*I am not a medical professional, just a jerk. He probably just had a rash.


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