Monday, August 02, 2010

Bus Report #531

This morning I waited at the 22 stop with the woman who always needs to stand right next to me and with the older nurse.
"Payday," the older nurse said, shaking her head as she looked at her watch. "It's ridiculous."
I nodded in agreement. "It's crazy," I said. "And I heard that the drivers are set to get raises."
"Well, come November we'll get a say on some things," she said.
It's true, and very important.I hear that this November we'll have the opportunity to vote on overturning Muni's insane rule about needing to be the second-highest paid operators in the country.
If you haven't registered to vote, maybe this will be the push you need.

The bus came and we got on. The makeup slatherer greeted me and the older nurse with a cheery "Good morning!". We each responded with an equally cheery greeting.

As our bus passed by the Fillmore and Oak stop, I saw a grey cat hanging out in front of someone's garage. I hoped it wasn't lost.

I got out at my usual stop. A homeless man was packing up his sleeping bag and his other stuff. He wore a decent suit and I wondered if he was on his way to a job.


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