Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bus Report #523

Muni continues to welcome me back the only way it knows how... By making my life suck.

Well, that's an overstatement, but let's say Muni makes my life not as awesome as it could be.

Yesterday afternoon, 19 Polk headed to Polk Street, fifteen minutes later than Next Bus predicted:

Man sitting in front of me clipping his nails.
Woman sitting next to me with her arm around the back of my seat, a little too close for comfort.
People fighting over seats in the front.
People refusing to move further back.
People cursing the driver.
Woman standing in front of me with her backpack on my feet and her ass in my face.
The usual crazy contingent, muttering, blocking the stair well.
Loud talking people on cell phones, sitting next to each other calling different people, constantly raising their voices over each other.
Unidentifiable greasy things on the seat backs - one woman got a nice handful.

And then, the few bright spots:

Teenager giving up his seat to a woman carrying a fluffy dog.
Irish family with three boys, friendly and polite and chatty with their seatmates.
Wicked cast members signing autographs outside the stage door at the Orpheum.
Civic Center farmer's market open for business, making me hungry.


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