Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bus Report #528

This morning I was running a few minutes later than usual, but still managed to get to work early due to a whirlwind of a commute.
The 38 was on time and the driver stopped right in front of me, letting me on before the pushy woman who had been trying to get past me.
We managed to make all the lights all the way down Geary. As the doors opened I saw the 22 pulling in to the Fillmore stop.
I took off running, figuring that if it was the driver that always makes us run up to the next stop I'd just wait for the next bus.
Instead, it was my new morning driver, who is smiley and just the nicest guy. He saw me and a few other regulars and was awesome enough to wait for us.
He opened the door and I got in.
"Good morning," he said, cheerfully.
"Nothing I like better than a nice run before work," I said. "Thanks for waiting."
I walked back to an empty seat, passing the makeup slatherer, the older nurse and her friend, and the big guy. They all smiled at me and said hi.
I sat down.
The rest of the ride was just as smooth. At my stop, a whole pack of us usual suspects made our way to the door. A man standing nearby looked around, trying to get out of our way.
"We've got you surrounded," I told him, and winked.
He laughed and managed to move aside.
Richmond District to Potrero Hill today: Two buses, 35 minutes.


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