Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bus Report #526


Last night I took a 19 Polk downtown, to meet up with L.
I got on at my usual stop and sat down.
At the next stop, a trio of CCA (California Culinary Academy) students got on, and loudly made their way to the last few seats in the back.
One of them, a heavyset boy with shoulder-length dreads started hitting on another one, a girl with tinny-sounding music blasting from her cell phone.
Their friend, who I can only describe as not being terribly bright (the dread guy said the same thing to him three times and he still didn't understand what his friend was saying! I don't remember the details but it was funny, trust me), kept a running commentary going about everyone and everything on the bus.
The girl mentioned one of their teachers, Chef Brian, and how he was annoying and if she wasn't in his class she'd 'mess him up'. She also told dread guy that she got in a fight with a classmate during class earlier that day. Sounds like a great learning environment to me...
Dread guy told her she shouldn't get in fights in school. "Not in the classroom, not in school," he counseled.
At the next stop, about ten kids from the other CCA (California College of the Arts) got on. They were either new students coming from orientation, or maybe they were summer school students. They all had heavy backpacks and matching white binders.
"Oh hell no," said the girl with the tinny cell phone music. "Where they gonna sit?"
There weren't any seats left, so the new CCA kids pushed their way to the back of the bus and held on tight.
The girl started sucking her teeth. "Man, this guy got his ass in my face, how rude," and she proceeded to tell her friends what she would do to the offender if he didn't move. The offender, one of the CCA art students, didn't seem to be paying much attention. He stared off into space, ignoring the girl.
"He don't speak English, that's the problem," said the dread guy.
"Well, you're nicer than I am," said the stupid guy. "Cause I'd have shoved him or hit him by now."
Meanwhile, the bus had made a few more stops and was totally full, so people were squeezed in like sardines. The new CCA kids did their best to make space for everyone, but there was really no way.
We kept going.
My seatmate was reading a cookbook in Spanish, learning how to prepare las frutas del mar. Some of the recipes looked really good. And I learned a new word! Mejillon! Mussel!
The cell phone girl started talking, loudly, about how she needed to get out at the next stop and if the offending guy didn't move his ass she was going to hurt him.
At this point, the offender got a phone call and answered the call in perfect English, prompting dread guy to say, "Man, he knew English the whole time. He was just ignoring us."
The bus stopped, and the girl and dread guy started pushing their way to the door, cursing and muttering about how everyone better move out of their way or they'd be sorry.
They got out, and that was that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

perfect example of why restaurants would rather staff their entry-level positions with recent immigrants than with these fully losers with their attitude problems from CCA.

6:10 PM  

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