Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bus Report #546

Yesterday evening I met some friends on Divisadero near McAllister. I couldn't remember what the best way was to get there, so I took the 22 from work and figured I'd hop out and catch the 21 or the 5 or something. I could have walked, but I had time to kill and didn't feel like walking. Lazy, but what can I say?
I ended up taking the 21, so I could hang out on Divis a little before going to the restaurant.
I had some coffee at Bean Bag Cafe - friendly staff, eclectic clientele, and the food looked/smelled great.
The woman sitting next to me had ordered the fried tofu. "Feel free to try it," she offered. I thanked her but was saving my appetite for dinner.
I sat back in my chair and drank my coffee, read my Alice Munro book.
When it was time to meet my friends, I walked down Divis, thinking about how much and at the same time how little the neighborhood has changed in the past decade.
We met at Blue Jay Cafe for dinner and spent a couple hours catching up on things. Lovely.
Later, I walked out to Geary with E., where she caught a cab and I caught a 38L.
The bus was surprisingly quiet and not too packed. Everyone looked how I felt: sleepy and content.
I got out at Park Presidio and waited for the light to change.
There was a woman waiting there, too. She kept looking at me, shuffling a little closer, shuffling away. She finally asked if I had pushed the button.
Of course I had. I said, "Yeah."
She nodded.
The light changed and she hurried across the street. I took my time.


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