Monday, November 15, 2010

Bus Report #559

After a lovely evening reuniting with my folks (just back from an extended trip to New Zealand), I caught the 38 Geary at the Geary and Kearny stop.
The only other person waiting for the bus was a man in sweats and a T-shirt, and flip-flops that made it impossible to ignore his overgrown, yellowed toenails. He had a shaved head that seemed too big for his body. He clutched a paper bag full of coffee from a large international coffee mega chain.
He saw us walk up to the stop.
"A bus just went by," he said, almost apologetically.
There was another one coming. I pointed to it, said, "Here's the regular."
My parents took off for their hotel.
The man said, "It doesn't matter to me, I'm going to 25th Ave, so I can take whatever bus comes."
"Yeah, you're lucky," I said.
The bus came and I got on and made my way to an empty seat in the back. A man scurried through the back door and laid claim to the seat I had wanted. He had his backpack on it and he stood next to it.
No problem, I would sit behind him.
He didn't move to let me by and I brushed past his arm, a little annoyed. There was plenty of space to sit, I couldn't figure out why he was still standing.
I sat.
He waved to the man with the flip flops, who came over and said hi. They stood there, blocking the back of the bus, for no discernable reason.
It was like this for the rest of my ride home. These two guys just standing there, plenty of seats around, just standing obliviously in the middle of the bus, barely talking.
It was strange.
There were three loud girls sitting in the back of the bus, discussing which celebrities they would sleep with. They all agreed on Matthew McConaghey. I felt bad for him.
At Larkin, a man in a silver shirt got on. He was also wearing a fake flower lei around his neck. I couldn't tell if this was a costume or his every day look. But he pulled it off.


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