Monday, February 07, 2011

Bus Report #579

Harmony reigned on the 22 and 38 tonight.

A bottle blonde, tattoo-sleeved mom and her beautiful smiling baby got on at Mission and sat next to an elderly gentleman. Two minutes later the old man was cooing and making kissy faces at the baby, who squealed with delight. The mom and the old man talked about parenting, and everyone around them seemed to have a smile on their face.

An art student with a large easel shared a seat with a revolving cast of teenagers. The kids all stole looks at the sketches clipped to the easel.

I got on a crowded 38 at the Geary and Fillmore stop. In front of me a tourist stared at his map, finally asking for help from the headphones-wearing kid next to him. The kid with the headphones took the map and traced our route with his finger. He looked at the tourist and held up three fingers and said, "You want Third Avenue."
We hit Third and the tourist didn't get up. The kid jumped up and yelled up to the driver, "Hold on one more minute man, one more minute," and he gestured for the tourist to get out because this was his stop.
Outside, the tourist waved to the kid and the kid waved back.

The woman sitting across from me was reading a familiar, beloved book: Fae Myenne Ng's book, Bone. Bone is a beautiful book and is a must read for anyone who likes reading about our city. Put it on the list.

I got out a few blocks later, saw my tax man dressed as Uncle Sam, shilling for business.
"Looking good," I said.
"Well, I've gotten a lot of offers for the suit but that's about it so far," he said.
I laughed and wished him luck, and went home.


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